Flags Quiz Mobile App

This Flags Quiz includes 200 unique flags. You need to guess each time 20 random flags. Don't stop until you make 100% correct in every try! This app is ideal to test your knowledge and train your memory!

Have fun!

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Kids Brain and IQ training Mobile App

This mobile app will help your kids train their IQ effectively by giving some background information about IQ tests. The app consists of 50 questions (colourful pictures with animals) for children aged 3 to 7. They are designed to stimulate children to think and expand their minds.

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RPM Practice Test Mobile App

This app consists of 40 multiple-choice questions listed in ascending order of difficulty. The test taker is given six choices from which to select and complete the missing element. The test should be completed in less than 60 minutes - be careful, you start with very easy questions but end with difficult ones, so be careful with your time.

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Perfect IQ Test Mobile App

This test contains 30 logical IQ questions, along with logic to evaluate your performance.

Working through the questions will help you improve your concentration and develop the ability to interpret patterns, number sequences, or the relationships between shapes. Training your logic skills will improve your IQ and build a strong foundation for academic and personal success.

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IQ Tests Series e-Books

Training your logic skills will improve your IQ and provide a good base for academic and personal success. Our books will help for sure!

IQ tests like ours are increasingly being used as part of the job application process in various industries, including the government, armed forces, education and commerce.

Train your brain and have fun doing it!

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